During the last six years, my sight has been deteriorating significantly, and in the present I can only see lights and shadows. This year, with your help I managed to collect the money needed for a specialist consultation in England. The consultation provided me with the option to have an operation on my left eye that will give back my vision partially (10%). This means that I could see 2-meters ahead, recognise people’s faces from a meter and move around without a walking stick in familiar places.

The total sum needed for this operation to happen is 5464 pounds. This is my appeal for solidarity.


Excellent news everyone! By the end of today we managed to collect even more than our initial target. Nevertheless, the campaign will go on until we gather 6564 £, with the extra money being used as follows: – 350 £ Transport and accomodation costs for the person who will accompany Cosmin – 500 £ For the medical check-up 2-3 months after the surgery, including the transport and accomodation – 250 £ Unforseen extra expenses like special glasses in case the chrystalline lens replacement is not possible We would like to thank each and every one of you for your donation! It is fantastic that we got to raise this sum in just 9 days of campaign! See you today at the party!


After the SoliParty organised on 15th of December, the total amount raised in 10 days of campaign reached 6678 pounds. Thank you all for your donations, for spreading the word, for SOLIDARITY! Follow the website for news about the next steps. We will keep you updated on how the surgery goes and the results of it.


I was born blind. My medical condition is called congenital cataract. During her pregnancy my mother had Hepatitis A and the virus attacked my eyes. Until I turned nine, I went to many ophthalmological consultations both in Romania and abroad, but they were to no avail. I also have diabetes, and this complicates the prognosis and treatment possibilities. In 2006, I found out that an operation is possible. Although the costs of the operation were very high, in three years I managed to gather the money needed. After I had the operation in 2009, I could see one meter in front, I could discern big objects and people, but I couldn’t see details. Nevertheless, the doctors that operated me predicted a gloomy future: in time, my sight will fade out. And by now I can only see light and shadows.

I didn’t want to give up, and in 2018 I went to several ophthalmological consultations to find out if there is still something to be done. Although most of the doctors consulted were reluctant to treat me, I found out about a clinic in England specialized in treating people diagnosed with congenital cataract. With your help, I already managed to collect the money needed for a consultation there this autumn. The answer was unexpected: I can have an operation and afterwards my sight can be better than ever! If the operation succeeds I could to see two meters ahead, I could recognize people’s faces from one meter, I could discern photographs, movies and intense colours from a distance of four meters. See medical letter here.

As in any surgical intervention, which in my case could be aggravated by my diabetes, several complications can occur: haemorrhages and postoperative infections; destruction of the cornea (which is already fragile). Yet doctors are optimistic and they have insured me that the operation has a 90% success rate. So I decided to try it. But the costs of the operation are quite high:

£2664 Hospitalization

£1500 Ophthalmologist surgeon

£800 Anaesthesiologist

£150 Follow-up consultation

£350 Transport and accommodation costs

Thus, the total sum amounts to £5464, costs that I cannot cover from my own means alone.

Time is also precious: until the beginning of March 2019 (when Great Britain will exit the European Union) I can still benefit the European Health Insurance that covers the costs of recovery in case of complications. After this date, the costs can increase up to £12.000. The Romanian state could deduct the costs of some surgical interventions abroad , but the bureaucratic process is arduous and would not be completed in due course.

Although it has been difficult, my sight has not been an impediment; I’ve always wanted to develop myself, to learn, to be as autonomous as possible. I specialized in therapeutic massage, I graduated from social sciences, I am involved in research projects and social projects. I’m interested in what is happening around us, I want to see and understand more, I want to get involved and contribute more to making this world better. And now I need your help!


Fonduri strânse

În doar 10 zile, cu ajutorul vostru am reușit să strângem 6678 de lire, atingând astfel ținta propusă. Cosmin poate acum să meargă în Anglia, să fie operat și apoi, să vadă.

Mulțumim că ați făcut toate aceste lucruri posibile!


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